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Andreas Monopolis - MoCM

Corfu, Greece -
MoCM is an art laboratory for putting unconventional ideas into matter . It was created by Andreas Monopolis as a tool for artistic expression.
Monopolis, a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music, is using junk material and “instruments”.

Each device is unique, incorporating a variety of materials and features. Tinkering and experimenting with junk machinery and sound modules adds a new dimension to the creation and performance of DIY music. MoCM music machines give the word playful a new meaning. The constructions are futuristic and yet old school, elegant and edgy, fun and inspiring.
Existing sound modules and machines can be purchased, subject to availability, and we welcome interaction and brainstorming.

MoCM lab is organic and we are constantly exploring new avenues and techniques.The aim of MoCM is to continue challenging boundaries in unexpected areas and directions.