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Jakarta, Indonesia

Nandi is a Indonesian DJ who have deep passion in electronic music and that's what he always trying to present everytime he played, music with passion.

His love of House Music comes with many influences on it, from Soul, Jazz, Disco, Funk, Mini mal to Techno all brought to life together through his distinctive taste and impeccable mixing style.
Either playing for small bar or big club, he always aim to deliver the right music for the right audience and creating the perfect vibe and journey. Gig wise he has been playing around regularly at some of Jakarta's best nightclub such as Jenja Jakarta, Colosseum Club as well as various bar and lounge around town while making his international appearance at Singapore and Kuala Lumpur such as Club Kyo (SG & KL), Jiro (KL), Le Noir (KL).

Nandi is also part of House Cartel collective that consist of like minded individuals behind it with an aim to pushing local House and Techno music scene in Indonesia.