Amelia Holt

Brooklyn, United States

Mexican born, NYC-based DJ Amelia Holt is a regular and distinctive part of the Brooklyn club scene. Her DJ sets fuse Latin rhythms and electronic beats, transforming the dancefloor into a culture-bending, otherworldly experience.

She has played in clubs such as: Good Room, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Sultan Room, Jupiter Disco, Mood Ring, H0l0, Output, in addition to holding her own residency at Public Records. Outside the US she has brought her sound to Mexico City, playing at Yu Yu and in the Oblivion Pt.2, Portugal at Desterro (Lisbon) and Passo Manuel (Porto), Berlin at Fluff and Zagreb's Price On Request.

In her sessions, you'll hear brazen Latin sounds, fresh Tropicalia, deep high octane, fine and elegant dance, alt techno, sharp electro , claustrophobic experimental music, post-punk punches and delusional krautrock. Without a doubt, she is one of the most interesting DJs in the spectrum of the New York scene.

She currently hosts a weekly program on Public Access called In Your Di