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Vienna, Austria

“Musical styles or genres don’t matter to me. Through listening or dancing to music, sudden emotions like excitation or comfort can arise that are capable of shifting your current mood to another horizon. Eg. a beautiful Ambient track with dense athmospherical layers can function as a holistic treatment for your body and soul. My focus of interest is in the depths of musical perception. Interesting music breathes vitaly and is not limited to its pure functionality. Music makes us feel in a very direct way and human beings tend to be guided (and sometimes also manipulated) by bits and pieces of musical expression which are constantly invading their hearts and minds. I will continue using all sorts of instruments/noise makers to generate and record sound fractals, re-construct fieldrecordings and play with my synthesizers/drum machines for the rest of my life in search of sonorical wonderland.”

grounded and spiralled out of control.
the journey continues.

Text: Benedikt Guschlbauer