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All Our Friends

London, United Kingdom

All Our Friends is a Saturday evening audiophile-community dance party run by Belle Bete, Cedric Woo (both Beauty and the Beat) and Tim Lawrence (Love Saves the Day). Jem Gilbert helped us get going and some.

The All Our Friends name draws on the Arthur Russell/Dinosaur L line from “Go Bang”, “I wanna see all my friends at once, go bang” and evokes the house party ethos we share David Mancuso's Loft and many others.

Our sound system features Klipschorn speakers—the ever-present component in David’s Loft set-up—and Sugden amps.

Because All Our Friends is run like a house party rather than a regular club, we maintain an invite list for people who want to come to our parties. Only those on the list can come to the party but it's open to all! To join email Tim at

For more information of what we're about and upcoming parties:

All Our Love,
xxx Ced, Cyril, Jem, Tim xxx