Balearic Classics #6

Balearic Classics #6

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Balearic Classics #6

This one's all about juxtaposition and this show is in honour of my good friend Eric "The Thunder from Down Under" Walkoff AKA Arithunda who sadly left this planet in 2003 depriving us all of more of his excellent talent, brutal honesty and wicked sense of humour. I include his photo on this page, you may know him from NRK Radio Norway, I'm surprised there's any snow left letting a bong fuelled Ozzie loose in that radio station. He was responsible for the remixes of the Afterlife tracks "Breather" which became "Breather 2000" and "Sunrise", which became the main version, as well as some of the finest outdoor recordings of Radiohead and Groove Armada. In this show I include his recording of Groove Armada at their first live festival performance in 2000 at Roskilde. I do miss him a lot, here's to you mate x


Playing tracks by Massive Attack, Mazzy Star, No Logo, Bjork, Die fantastischen Vier and more.




Malcolm McAtee



Thank you soooo much for The Groove Armada Roskilde 2000 Live in the mix.

Emidio G.Dad Rossi Dj

el sonido de la isla!!!!


sounds wonderful ^_^

Sun Is Shining

Nice live version of The River

Afterlife (Official Page)

Apologies for the shambolic caps in the track listing, this is NOT how I typed it, very weird...

Guido's Lounge Café

Good selection!


Brilliant selection! :)


great opener...(Y)