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London, United Kingdom

MINOS is an Italian/Colombian techno and electro producer based in London. She is signed to the New York-based label, Abu Recordings. Her music blends complex synth-work with rich and powerful harmonies, built on the foundation of her background as a classical pianist. With influences that range from synth music legends - notably Depeche Mode and Jean Michael Jarre - to such underground masters as E.R.P. and Plant43, MINOS’ tracks are designed to transport listeners to an alternate reality, one in which introspection is fused with fantasy. Above all, she values the immersive experience; her meticulously crafted sound design, rhythms and mixes offer listeners both an escape from and an antidote to stagnation. An experienced DJ, despite her young age, MINOS’ electrifying live performances have captivated audiences around the world.

For bookings please contact: milo@atwmgmt.co.uk