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London, United Kingdom

Welcome to Rebel Radio, Extinction Rebellion UK's official radio channel! Here the Climate and Ecological Emergency is the number one topic of conversation.

What is the latest on the CEE and the Rebellion - listen to Rebel Despatches to keep up to date. Who are the people behind Extinction Rebellion - find out on our Humans of XR shows. Join the XR Podcast for live discussions with experts, rebels and anyone concerned with our planet and the people living on it. Rebels Without Borders brings you up to date news and insights from climate related events such as the UN Climate conventions all over the world. Tune into Sounds of the Rebellion for music, songs, poetry, spoken word and much more related to the Climate and Ecological Emergency full of original content by our Rebels and supporters.

Hosted by Soho Radio, we broadcast live from their studio in Soho, London.

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XR - Rebel Radio