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Webgrrl ~ Firdaus

Melbourne, Australia

Intuitive, digital artist with an outstanding prolific portfolio and a passion for creating innovative visual artistry through graphic design and photography. Specialising in Fractal & Psychedelic Arts from 15 years involved within the Music & Entertainment industry especially within the Psytrance community as graphic artist and event/festival photographer

GRAPHIC DESIGN: I can design business cards, flyers, t-shirts, CD covers, anything really, by extracting the essence of your ideas and give it my own unique ‘spin’ as I massage and manipulate them through my intuition until we have a physical manifestation of our vision.

MERCHANDISING: I can help you design & establish your own store with mine or your designs at one of the many print-on-demand sites, creating a professional on-line identity for your business, band or organisation. Visit my shops to see some examples of what you could do with your event, organisation or project.