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Wayland & Falko on Sax

Arnhem, Netherlands

Wayland & Falko on Sax are two Dutch friends. Both always had an obsession with music, in many genres and started out as musicians in a cover band. Jarno Wieland (Wayland) played synthesizer and drums and Falko (Falko on Sax) played the Saxophone. In 2012 they shared the passion for House Music into a unique fixed combination; DJ with Live Saxophone.
Keen on enriching the music industry with their particular touch of combining a live Sax with different musical genres and productions, Wayland & Falko on Sax have become known for their unique combination of percussive, groovy and melodic elements with an energetic performance.
“It’s not easy to describe our sound. This is because we play the newest sounds in a large spectrum of the house genre, as long as it fits into one set. We have a big focus on groove, melodies and percussion combined with the Funky Sax elements throughout our sets and productions. So if we had to try to put it into a genre, it’s groovy, melodic Deep/ TechHouse.