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Tea Time With Terry

Flint Mi, United States

Welcome to the Tea Time With Terry page!

My name is Terry McDonald or DJ T-Swizzle and I like learning about, talking about, and making music.

My Mission
I spend a lot of time in everyday life listening to music. I try to keep my music constantly changing by cycling in new songs/artists from a variety of genres. Recently, I have started creating music with a Launchpad midi device. As I dove further into song composition, I gained an appreciation for all of the parts that make up a full song. My mission is to use my limited music knowledge and refined music portfolio to provide an entertaining show that introduces new music and helps the listener gain a new appreciation for songs.

What Is Tea Time With Terry about?
If you break down Tea Time With Terry to its simplest form, it’s about my journey to constantly find and share new good music. All those popular songs get enough airtime, so I try to play the songs/artists that may not be as well known but deserve exposure.