Tangents Radio

San Francisco, United States

One of the most creative and versatile programmers in radio, Dore is an advocate for cross-pollinating music. He is producer/host of Tangents, https://www.tangents.com , a program that explores the bridges connecting various styles of music, including world and roots music, and creative jazz hybrids. In depth Tangents playlists are at https://www.tangents.com/playlists/

Tangents includes a political segment focused on the Middle East called Gaza Corner.

An excellent resource to learn about music heard on Tangents is Songlines magazine. Tangents has a media partnership with Songlines that enables a 20% discount (digital or physical) on new subscriptions. Use the discount code TANGENTS at checkout.


Tangents airs on KALW, SF, 91.7fm, https://www.kalw.org/ In addition to KALW, Tangents is webcast on Multicult.fm (Berlin) and CBF WebRadio (Lisbon). Stein's unusual background includes commercial free-form radio at legendary WQBK, Albany.