Torino, Italy

DJ Massi
Hari Om,
"I am looking for new inspiring visions.
The art of living in beauty is my natural dose of dopamine. 
In our lives we discover too late that
To "savour"
the gift of life we have to get rid of the superfluous ... the ballast ... the bad habits. 

To do this we must find the energies in ourselves and not be afraid of changes. 
Just as we train our body it is important to train our mind to breathe to meditate to remove the toxins that pollute our brain. 
Listening and our voice are two instruments of universal size. Listening does not mean making judgments or transferring one's fears to others but freeing oneself from what we have been forced to represent for years.
Live the simple things that we have by practicing the feeling of gratitude. Living in simplicity well to live in health and listening to people close to us, reducing the distractions and environmental noises that distract our focus.

Om Shanti 🙏🏽