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London, United Kingdom

New Roots Radio plays the best in what we consider alt-folk and new roots. It's a very broad church, from cutting edge UK and US alt-folk, to country blues, Irish and Scottish trad to African desert rock, punk-folk to chamber-folk, rhythm and blues to jazz. Dive in!

New Roots Radio is a part of New Roots Events, promoting events that shine a light on up and coming talent in the UK alt-folk scene, providing artists with an environment that is sympathetic to what they do, and giving musicians the respect they and their music deserves. We put bills together that we think work as a whole, so the night can be experienced as a show in it's own right, from start to finish. Our music policy comes from the kitchen table, the roots of public performance- intimate, acoustic based, high quality musicianship with as little interference between performer and listener as possible. Contact us at

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