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Radio Eclectus #85: Music of memory (Apr. 8, 2021)

Radio Eclectus #85: Music of memory (Apr. 8, 2021)

Playing tracks by

Błoto, William Parker, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Simon Bainbridge, Tansy Davies and more.

Chart positions

This show was 4th in the global noise chart, 5th in the global classical chart, 8th in the global industrial chart, 61st in the global chillout chart and 65th in the global jazz chart.

50 years ago this week, Igor Stravinsky left our world. In this special Music Of Memory-themed program, we explore the memorial works written for him upon his death, pay our respects to the late Simon Bainbridge (1952–2021), and continue the theme of remembrance with new works by Antti Auvinen (based on old 78s of Finnish sopranos) and Lukas Ligeti (based on stories and songs from several generations of Polish Jews). As a bonus, Lukas joins us for an interview about his project.

We’ve also got a special set for headphone aficionados, featuring Michael Gordon’s new spatially-extended piece for 8 cellos, coupled with a pan-heavy electronic work by Steve Layton, and a new binaural recording of Partch's The Bewitched. Plus we begin our traversal of William Parker’s new 10-CD box set, and sample the latest albums by Błoto, Brian Ferneyhough, Tansy Davies, Alex Paxton, Agnese Toniutti & The House of Bedlam (with Larry Goves). Radical new music from the Northwest and beyond with Mike Schell



Excellent selection, thank you!

Radio Eclectus

Thank you Simon!

Radio Eclectus

Annotated playlist for show #85
Intro and SET 1: Simon Bainbridge (1952–2021)
1. [2:42] Błoto: Chryja. From Kwasy i zasady (Astigmatic Records, 2021) with OlafSaxx (saxophones, AKAI EWI 5000), Latarnik (keyboards), Wuja HZG (bass guitar), Cancer G (drums)
2. [6:50] William Parker: Cheops. From Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World (AUM Fidelity/Centering, 2021) with Kyoko Kitamura (voice), Matt Moran (vibes), Ben Stapp (tuba), Kayla Milmine-Abbott (soprano sax), Rachel Housle (drums), Jim Clouse (recording engineer). NOTE: Recorded 2019
3. [20:41] Lucia Dlugoszewski: Exacerbated Subtlety Concert (Why Does A Woman Love a Man?) - Part 2. From Subtle Matters (Neuma Records, 2021) with Agnese Toniutti (timbre piano). NOTE: Composed 1997, rev. 2000
4. [25:18] Simon Bainbridge: Concertante in moto perpetuo. From Fantasia for double orchestra, Viola Concerto, Concertante in moto perpetuo (NMC Recordings, 2012) with Composers Ensemble, Simon Bainbridge (conductor). NOTE: Composed 1983, recorded 1990⠀

SET 2: Igor Stravinsky (1882–1971) [33:17]
1. [37:50] Tansy Davies: Dune of Footprints. From Nature (NMC Recordings, 2021) with Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Karen Kamensek (conductor), Bjarne Dankel (sound engineer). NOTE: Composed 2017
2. [51:47] Igor Stravinsky: Epitaphium für das Grabmal des Prinzen Max Egon zu Fürstenberg. From Hommage à Stravinsky (MDG, 2005) with Ensemble Avantgarde: Ralf Mielke (flute), Matthias Kreher (clarinet), Ellen Wegner (harp). NOTE: Composed 1959
3. [53:23] Luciano Berio: Autre fois (berceuse canonique pour Igor Stravinsky). From Hommage à Stravinsky (credits as above). NOTE: Composed 1971, same instrumentation as Epitaphium
4. [54:16] Pierre Boulez: Originel-transitoire VII. From Hommage à Stravinsky (credits as above). NOTE: Composed 1971, same instrumentation as Epitaphium
5. [59:51] Brian Ferneyhough: El Rey de Calabria. From Complete Piano Music 1965–2018 (Métier/Divine Arts, 2021) with Ian Pace (piano). NOTE: Composed c.2018
6. [1:02:22] Alexandre Tansman: Stèle in memoriam Igor Stravinsky - 3. Lamento. From Piano Concertino et al (CPO, 2012) with Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt, Howard Griffiths (conductor), Michael Pregler (recording engineer). NOTE: Composed 1972⠀

SET 3: Encounters [1:06:58]
1. [1:11:44] William Kraft: In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky. From An Encounter with the Music of William Kraft (Albany, 2008) with Sharon Leventhal (violin), Jeremy Haladyna (piano). NOTE: Composed 1972–4
2. [1:22:02] Larry Goves: Music for melody instruments, objects, and electronic sounds. From Enclosure (NMC Recordings, 2021) with The House of Bedlam: Kathryn Williams (flutes), Carl Raven (saxophones, clarinets), Tom McKinney (guitars), Stephanie Tress (cello), Larry Goves (director, electronics, recording engineer)
3. [1:25:47] Alex Paxton: Prayer like I Know. From Music for Bosch People (Birmingham Record Company, 2021) with Alex Paxton (trombone), David Zucchi (saxophones), Felix Josza (electric guitar), David Ingamells (drum kit)⠀

SET 4: Music for headphones [1:29:54]
1. [1:33:29] Michael Gordon: 8 (excerpts). From 8 (Cantaloupe Music, 2021) with Cello Octet Amsterdam: Alistair Sung, Claire Bleumer, Esther Torrenga, Geneviève Verhage, Rares Mihailescu, René van Munster, Sanne Bijker, Sanne van der Horst, Frerik de Jong (recording engineer)
2. [1:53:59] Steve Layton: Projection Room (Los Angeles, 2010). From Pandemic (NiwoSound, 2021)
3. [1:59:54] Harry Partch: The Bewitched - Scene 10. From The Bewitched binaural recording (Neuma Records, 2021) with The Witch: Isabella Tercero (voice), Peter Hamlin (Adapted Koto), Phil Keeney (Spoils of War), Cris Forster (Marimba Eroica), Randy Hoffman (Cloud Chamber Bowls), Francis Thumm (Chromelodeon I), Jon Szanto (New Boo I), Dan Maureen (Bass Clarinet), Donna Caruso (Piccolo and flute), Robert Paredes (Clarinet), David Dunn (Adapted Viola), Robin Gillette, Anita Mitchell (Kithara II), Ron Caruso (Diamond Marimba), Gary Irvine (Bass Marimba), David Savage, Paul William Simons (Harmonic Canon II), Ron Engel (Surrogate Kithara), Danlee Mitchell (musical director), Kenneth Gaburo (producer). NOTE: Recorded live at Akademie der Künste, Für Augen und Öhren, Berlin Festival, West Germany, January 1980. Optimized for headphone listening⠀

SET 5: Music of memory [2:07:39]
1. [2:13:10] Lukas Ligeti interviewed by Michael Schell
2. [2:23:02] Lukas Ligeti: That Which Has Remained… That Which Will Emerge… (excerpts). From That Which Has Remained… That Which Will Emerge… (Col Legno, 2021) with Barbara Kinga Majewska (soprano), Paweł Szamburski (clarinet), Patryk Zakrocki (violin, viola, mbira), Mikołaj Pałosz (cello), Wojtek Kurek (drums, synthesizer), Lukas Ligeti (electronics, marimba lumina). NOTE: Recorded 2015
3. [2:34:06] Antti Auvinen: Turbo Aria. From Junker Twist, Himmel Punk, Turbo Aria (Ondine, 2020) with Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hannu Lintu. NOTE: Composed 2017–18

Radio Eclectus

Photo credits: Igor Stravinsky by George Grantham Bain, Błoto via the artists, Tansy Davies by Rikard Osterlund, Harry Partch and Gourd Tree via Wikimedia, Alexandre Tansman by Alban Paris, Brian Ferneyhough by Charlotte Oswald, Lucia Dlugoszewski via Library of Congress, Simon Bainbridge by Andrew Palmer, William Kraft via Theodore Presser, Lukas Ligeti via the artist, Antti Auvinen by Eija Tervo, Michael Gordon by Peter Serling, William Parker via the artist.