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Radio Eclectus #65: The Toru in my life (Oct. 8, 2020)

Radio Eclectus #65: The Toru in my life (Oct. 8, 2020)

Playing tracks by

Robert Moran, Thomas Adès, Morton Feldman, Thomas Wally, Tōru Takemitsu and more.

Chart positions

This show was 4th in the global noise chart, 6th in the global classical chart, 26th in the global experimental chart, 51st in the global chillout chart and 64th in the global jazz chart.

Radio Eclectus honors the 90th birthday of Tōru Takemitsu (1930–1996) with a focus on new recordings and old rarities: things you probably haven’t heard before which aren’t yet available online. We also observe the 50th anniversary of The Viola in My Life—classic middle-period Feldman, traversing its four parts (each with different instrumentation) through four different recordings with four different soloists.

There’s plenty of new music too: portrait albums of three young European composers (Ed Bennett, Linda Buckley and Thomas Wally), Zen improv from the Okuden Quartet (Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, William Parker and Hamid Drake), furious postminimalism by Robert Moran, transcontinental collaboration from the Sound-In crew, microtonal pipe organs by Hans Eugen Frischknecht, Thomas Adès by Kirill Gerstein, and the personal geography of Raven Chacon. Radical new music from the Northwest and beyond!

“Fantastic music & interesting info!” -Amy Denio

Photo credits in comments.


Radio Eclectus

Annotated playlist for show #65⠀
Intro and SET 1⠀
1. [2:35] Robert Moran: Fantasia Furiosa. With Veronika Eberle (violin), Simon Eberle (cello), Manuel Eberle (trumpet), Yumiko Urabe (piano). NOTE: Recorded at the premiere, September 13, 2014, Bavaria⠀
2. [12:30] Thomas Adès: Three Mazurkas, Op. 27 - 3. Third Mazurka. From In Seven Days (Myrios Classics, 2020) with Kirill Gerstein (piano). NOTE: Composed 2009⠀
3. [16:13] Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life I. From The Viola in My Life (CRI, 1971 reissued 2006 by New World Recordings) with Karen Phillips (viola), Paula Robison (flute), Anahid Ajemian (violin), Seymour Barab (cello), David Tudor (piano), Raymond DesRoches (percussion), Morton Feldman (conductor). NOTE: Composed 1970, premiered September 19, 1970⠀

SET 2 [26:06]⠀
1. [30:31] Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life II. From Morton Feldman (Montaigne, 1994) with Barbara Maurer (viola), Ensemble Recherche. NOTE: Composed 1970 for solo viola, flute, clarinet, percussion, celesta, violin and cello. Premiered (with Part III) October 7, 1970 in Rome⠀
2. [41:52] Thomas Wally: Transfiguration I–IV. From Jusqu’à l’aurore (Col Legno, 2020) with Thomas Wally (violin), Mondrian Ensemble: Ivana Pristašová (violin), Petra Ackermann (viola), Karolina Öhman (violoncello), Tamriko Kordzaia (piano). NOTE: Composed 2008⠀
3. [51:26] Tōru Takemitsu: Rain Dreaming. From Musique? (Hyperion, 2020) with Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord). NOTE: Composed 1986⠀

Voice break with Takemitsu: Umo no Genso, Distance de Fée, November Steps. SET 3: Unknown Takemitsu [57:24]⠀
1. [1:03:29] Tōru Takemitsu: Ookami Ikiro Buta wa Shine (excerpts). From Complete Takemitsu Edition Volume 5 (Shogakukan, 2004). NOTE: Composed 1960 for play by Shintaro Ishihara⠀
2. [1:06:12] Tōru Takemitsu: Wonder World. From Complete Takemitsu Edition Volume 5 (Shogakukan, 2004). NOTE: Realized 1972 for documentary film by Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company⠀
3. [1:10:15] Ed Bennett: Song of the Books - 2. From Psychedelia (NMC, 2020) with Kate Ellis (cello), Decibel, Daniele Rosina (conductor)⠀
4. [1:22:20] Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life III. From Cage, Feldman: In a Silent Way (Stradivarius, 2009) with Maurizio Barbetti (viola), Rossella Spinosa (piano). NOTE: Composed 1970, premiered (with Part II) October 7, 1970 in Rome⠀

SET 4: More unknown Takemitsu [1:28:16]⠀
1. [1:33:34] Tōru Takemitsu: Silk Road - 5. The Stone Caverns of Yungang, 1. Xian, 3. Tulufan. From Complete Takemitsu Edition (Shogakukan, 2004) with Tokyo Concerts, Kotaro Sato (conductor). NOTE: Composed 1981 for photo videodisc⠀
2. [1:48:27] Okuden Quartet: The Forest Council. From Every Dog Has Its Day but It Doesn't Matter Because Fat Cat Is Getting Fatter (ESP Disk', 2020) with Mat Walerian (alto saxophone, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, flute), Matthew Shipp (piano), William Parker (double bass, shakuhachi), Hamid Drake (drums, percussion)⠀

SET 5: Surveying the avant-garde [2:06:48]⠀
1. [2:11:37] Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life IV. From The Viola in My Life (ECM, 2008) with Marek Konstantynowicz (viola), Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Christian Eggen (conductor). NOTE: Composed March 1971⠀
2. [2:26:08] Hans Eugen Frischknecht: Three Pictures for Prototyp 2 of ORGAN-INNOV-UM "Nov-Org" - No. 2. From Music for Special Organs (NEOS Music, 2019) with Hans Eugen Frischknecht (organ)⠀
3. [2:27:57] Raven Chacon: Singing Toward The Wind Now/Singing Toward The Sun Now. From An Anthology of Chants Operations (Ouidah, 2020)⠀
4. [2:30:21] Raven Chacon: Tyuonyi. From An Anthology of Chants Operations (Ouidah, 2020)⠀
5. [2:32:32] Raven Chacon: MVHS. From An Anthology of Chants Operations (Ouidah, 2020)⠀
6. [2:34:50] Steve Layton and Sound-In: The First Fire Still Burning. From Summer End (NiwoSound, 2020) with Shane Cadman, Roger Sundström⠀
7. [2:41:29] Linda Buckley: Haza. From From Ocean's Floor (NMC, 2020) with ConTempo Quartet, Linda Buckley (electronics). NOTE: Composed 2016

Radio Eclectus

Photo credits: Hans Eugen Frischknecht via NEOS, Linda Buckley by Shane Scollard, Morton Feldman by Rob Bogaerts (Anefo), Score excerpt from Tōru Takemitsu: Corona, Robert Moran and friend via the artist, Thomas Adès via the artist, Thomas Wally by Maria Frodl, Okuden (Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Mat Walerian, Hamid Drake) via Frequency Response, Tōru Takemitsu via Wikimedia Commons, Ed Bennett via the artist, Raven Chacon by Darryl Jones via Kronos Quartet, Kate Ellis via the artist.