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Cincinnat, Oh ✈ Atlanta, Ga, United States

Alvin Vincent Triggs II (born February 28, 1986), known by stage name Princinnati, is an Ohio based national Hip Hop recording artist. He was born to Tori and Alvin Triggs Sr. in Portsmouth, NH where his father was stationed and served at an United States Air Force base for years. Years later, his parents relocated to Cincinnati, OH where Princinnati saw his first glance of the entertainment industry (growing up). Princinnati officially began his music career in 2006 recording his first song and performing at small town talent shows and open mics. It was just a year into Princinnati's career where he experienced tragedy and a life shattering moment, the death of his very close relative, Chaz McCray. Struck with grief and depression, Princinnati was able to channel the loss of family and other recent events into his music. Creating music provided Princinnati much comfort in his life as well as fill the void of loss. Over the years, Princinnati's hard work as an entertainer has paid off