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Berlin, Germany

Here comes Pasqualino
The Prometheus of diversity is the DJ giant of Iconic Mirage.
Pasqualino has been playing in the national clubs for almost 20 years. He has always remained with vinyl. Inspired by the artists Jeff Mills, Christian Vogel and the label Tresor Records, he is now deep in Trippy Acid, Electro, Chicago and Oldschool Techno, but in essence he is dedicated to the Detroit sound. After a residency at the Morlox in Friedrichshain and various gigs in clubs like Sisyphos and R19, as well as bars like the Crack Bellmer. Pasqualino was able to establish himself in the local scene of Berlin. During the summer months he still regularly organises open air raves with Iconic Mirage in Berlin.
Pasqualino is limitless. So open your ears humans

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