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Original Score

Arizona, United States

Please help us share the positive music and stories of young people from one of the communities most hard hit by COVID-19 and systemic inequities. In the podcast, Michael Begay travels the Navajo and Hopi Nations to speak with NACAP apprentice composers about their works and to discuss, “how we compose music and what it means to us.”

NACAP and “Original Score, an Indigenous perspective on music” are projects of the Grand Canyon Music Festival. NACAP mentors Indigenous youth in the art of composition, from inspiration to realization. 2020 partner schools include Tuba City, Greyhills Academy, Chinle, Hopi, and Whitehorse high schools.

Original Score is produced by Navajo composer and Native American Composer Apprentice Project teaching artist, Michael Begay, who talks with young people in Navajo and Hopi nation about their experience composing music and what it means to them.

This podcast has been made possible through an Infusion Award from The Lewis Prize for Music.