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Night Visitor

Portland, United States

Exposure to the Drop Bass Network/Chicago/Detroit warehouse scene in the mid 90s instilled a DIY attitude toward sound system culture which I still pursue in promotion efforts, continuing the tradition of loud, clear sound on proper systems, in unique environments, hosting a range of ambient, dub, disco, techno, house and bass music events.

My passion resulted in the ownership of a vinyl record store (2004-2008) but have since focused fully on production and label management of .

As a 20 year plus DJ veteran, I've played festivals, raves, lofts and clubs alongside a myriad of international and national artists in a range of styles. With musical influences that span the sonic spectrum - Ron Hardy, Richard D. James, and Richie Hawtin the most notable - there is no particular descriptor that can be applied to my DJ sets as each is unique and tied to a time, place, crowd and atmosphere.