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Hamburg, Germany

Niko started DJing in 2004, mainly to compile his own favourite music for himself and his friends. He started spreading his mixes and quickly gained recognition from people listening to those sets. In 2016 he started his project "Music In Good Humor" with mixes of different styles, music and party recommendations on Facebook, a radioshow on and a Twitch profile:

Genre-wise, he’s got a strong background in Trance and is also connected to House, Electro & Acid. In his own words: “What I like is sophisticated quality music that doesn’t want to fit in any stereotyped style or category. The only demand I have to music is that the producers put their hearts into it and make music that they love and not what others want them to make.”

Late 2010 he joined Electric Fabric, showing a huge dedication when compiling mixes for the EF Podcast.