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Mr Grammy (Born April 12, 1981) took a strong interest in music at a young age and started his dj journey in 1997.
Only 4 years later he made his way through the music scene and slided into the world of clubbing.

Soon Ikon Antwep, Noxx Antwerp, Belgian Week (France), Deepsneeuw (France), Radio FG, Cinq5Rouge, Bar a Bar , Club Industria, Bonthuys, The Mixx, Club Outline, Montini & Cube made Mr Grammy as their resident.

Nowadays Mr Grammy spins the decks at Club Ikon (Antwerp), Versuz, Area V, weekly radioshow on Radio FG every Saturday from 10pm till 11pm, Bar a bar, many other clubs and party’s

When the summer festival season starts it will pretty hard to not bump into Mr Grammy :
Check him out at
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