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Aalborg, Denmark

Mixthoven is a electronica/indie producer based in denmark
The interest in music startet back in 2005 where he mixed sounds and tracks together in a more alternative way and later startet to use more commen DAWs. He also did a handful of Dj gigs already starting in the age of 14. later he became more focused on making hes own music. And startet to use hes primary time on composing electronic music. and as well being a producer for local bands
The name mixthoven first appears in the year 2010. Is a experimental dance and ambient project inspired by the 90ies first dub techno and todays ambient electronica peaces. The idea is to take this ambience and put it in a more modern context.
Mixthoven Is working with both in the box productions and hardware to create more atmosphere to give the music a more open and deeper soundscape