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Under Masons Apron Folk Show

Manchester, United Kingdom

A monthly-ish podcast, jointly presented from the UK and Canada, featuring mainly traditional folk music old and new for aficionados and the uninitiated alike. From the famous to the obscure, signed or unsigned.
Real folk for real folk!
We don't play blues, pop, americana, reggae, garage, contemporary singer-songwriter, nor this modern rubbish mis-labelled as 'folk' (with one or two exceptions); we do play traditional-based folk music, with maybe a little bluegrass (cos we like banjo's).
Join Mal and Gramie for some heart-warming songs and tunes and infantile wit. If we like it, and it fits, we'll play it. Don't say we didn't warn you.
Want to hear your stuff played on the show? We welcome submissions from folk artists, labels, producers, who would like us to play their music; click on the contacts link on our website for more information.