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Mark Merch

Duisburg, Germany

Actually I'm no DJ, but expect here homemade releases of Minimal, Tech, ACID & (Dub) Techno taken directly from the (drum-, synth- & sampler-) machines (no computer usage, but not necessarily analog only) without post-processing. These unedited live recordings are just trying to capture the FUN while tweaking the knobs of all the machines IN DA HOUSE to bring it back to the town that sadly killed the Love Parade!

I strictly listen to and like ONLY *non* vocal style genres and will never accept SINGING as belonging to Minimal, Techno or Trance...

I used to follow back nearly everyone, but now I will basically follow back someone, who REALLY has the same music taste!

BTW, if you later end following me for whatever reason (f.e. you got as much followers as possible by clicking just anybody, are followed back by most of us then and now want to get rid of ALL these anybodies:), I will realize this and do the same soon...that is stop following too and additionally delete my listens!