Chicago, United States

Mark Farina has solidified himself in the world of Dance Music as a trailblazing DJ, Producer, tastemaker and bona fide House Music icon. After 3 decades criss-crossing the globe, he shows no signs of slowing down and remains innovative, humble, and firmly rooted in the underground.

“I look at my job as a ‘modern day traveling minstrel’. To bring new music to as many places as I can and expose obscure records that otherwise might go hidden.”

With a passion for playing extended sets lasting well over 8 hours, B2B & B2B2B shows with fellow icons, or playing both of his signature styles on 2 stages on the same night, Farina continues to tirelessly entertain his incredible fans all over the globe with over 100 shows per year.

Currently, Farina is the head honcho at his record label, Great Lakes Audio, where he actively fans the flames of House Music in it’s purest form.

Next up in 2018 is a residency at House of Yes (NY)