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MaaRanik (Ecstatic Dance BEG)

Belgrade, Serbia

MaaRanik is a co-creator and a resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance Belgrade, Serbia, She stepped into the world of Ecstatic Dance guided by conscious dance concept. She was trained as an ED DJ by Ecstatic Dance International. An avid dancer for many years, MaaRanik will take you on a dance journey full of mystic tunes from all over the World...
MaaRanik: "I love to dance. Dance is the natural state of my inner being. I am passionate about creating Ecstatic Dance Journeys.. This is a fulfillment of my dreams..."

March 2020 - Ecstatic Dance Belgrade
Dec 2019 - Ecstatic Dance Belgrade 2020
Oct 2019 - Ecstatic Dance Belgrade
Sep 2019 - Goulash Disco Festival, Komiiza, Croatia

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