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Limassol, Cyprus

The Center of Performing Arts MITOS was created by Elena Agathokleous and Lukas Walewski in 2007. It is a non profitable organization situated at OLD VINEGAR FACTORY. The activities of the Centre are operating on two axes. The foremost is the theatrical research and practice, carried out by the theater group ΜΙΤΟS. The second axe concerns other illustrative arts, such as polymorphic shows, happenings, exhibitions, concerts, installations ,performances and hosting of different theater and artistic groups. The aim is to promote the activities mentioned, as well as creating educational and informational network occupying with history of theater and performing arts. MITOS has in view the creation of an audiovisual archive and library with subject of theater and performing arts which will be open for public , organizing of conferences and meetings with artists, workshops and educational practical programs for children, youths and adults ,residencies.