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Matthew Curry

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Dj/ Producer. Deep-Tech, Techno, Acid House, Deep/ Progressive, French Electronica.
More eclectic these days.
I play and listen to what feels right at that moment. If I'm playing out it depends what night, event and how the people are responding to my set.
Sometimes all tech, other times tech, techno, acid house. Whatever feels right.
Lots of times I play tunes I love and I know everyone will go crazy for.
Being into music since I can remember, seriously like really into from the age of 9. It's been my passion ever since. I love my music, it lifts me, inspires me and I get so much fun from great music :)
I could honestly talk for hours about how much music means to me. It's helped me in so many ways since I was a kid through some pretty dark times to this day as well as my deepest love and passion for the music I love.
I was born with an intense love and passion for the music I love so much.
It's gave me so much fun and awesome times !
I also love to travel and love fashion x