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Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe

Wales, United Kingdom

Gig list 2023

Feb 18th - Psychonauts (Birmingham)
March 17th - 19th - Serendipity private gathering (North Wales)
May 5th - 8th - Neurotrition secret spring gathering (Cornwall)
May 26th - 28th - The Beat Goes On (South Wales)
June 23rd - 25th - Glastonbury festival Glade dome stage
July 14th - 16th - Beatherder festival Sunrise stage(Lancashire)
July 28th - 30th - Landed festival (Mid Wales)
Aug 11th - 13th - Boomtown Fair High Technicians stage Area 404 (Hampshire)
Aug 25th - 29th - FaeriePirates Nataraja (North Wales)
Aug 31st - Sept 4th - Psymera festival (Bristol)
Sept 9th - Technicolour shindig (Nottingham)
Sept 15th 17th - Equinox festival Sunrise stage(Lincolnshire)
Sept 22 - 24th - Something Different (Out To Grass)
Oct 6th - 8th - Spellbound Psychedelic Barn Party (Somerset)
Oct 27th - Planet Zogg (Sheffield)
NYE - FaeriePirates (North Wales)