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Le Knight Punx

Munich, Germany


Born and raised near Cologne in Germany, he was early digging his father's tape collection as a child.
Boney M, Abba and Co. were his first musical encounters, whose disco sound still influences him today.

In the mid-90s, he took his first steps as a DJ at private parties.
With two regular CD players and a Mixer, he cut Dancefloor, Take That and Metallica to create a non-stop mix for his friends.

In 1999, he moved to Munich and started his "real" DJ career.
He bought two turntables and learned classic mixing with vinyl.
The good tracks were only available on vinyl anyway and the weekly trip to his record dealer was the highlight of the week.
The new genre French House with its emerging artists like Daft Punk, DJ Falcon or Alan Braxe and labels like Crydamour, Roulé, Grand Prix and Black Jack excited him.

Musically, he remains true to his past.
House, French House, Disco and Funky House as well as Jackin' House with influences