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Frankfurt, Germany

Kosta Minor from the radio station “planet radio“ (Frankfurt /Germany).
With his great turntable skills and an extraordninary feeling for his crowd, he is one of the most creative DJ’s in whole Germany. You can’t define him with one musicstyle. He plays RnB and Hip Hop tunes as well as Classics, House, Electro and Minimal tunes. He calls it with his planet radio partner Mark Hartmann.
“allstyle“, in which urban tunes always are the base of his sets. A new generation of Club-DJ. Twice a month on saturdays he proofs his skills at the live radio programm “The Club“ on planet more music radio ( www.planetradio.de ) from 9 pm - 2 am.
At the end of 2011 he founded the booking agency “KOMA Music“ with his planet radio partner Mark Hartmann.