Studio 1 Riddimwise

Studio 1 Riddimwise

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Studio 1 Riddimwise
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For quite some time we have been thinking, what a pity, there are so many great but less well known tunes on classic Studio 1 riddims that never quite get the attention they would actually deserve.
So finally we decided to do something about it.
King Kong Disko now proudly presents Studio 1 Riddimwise.
This mix features 120 minutes of music produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd selected by
riddim, which means not less than 84 tunes on 23 Versions in a massive King Kong-
juggelingstyle. We really dug deep in our record shelves this time to select a load of classics, rare singles, 12” Cuts, LP gems and some odd stuff from over 40 years of Studio 1 history.

Let the good times roll, it’s Sir Coxsone at the controls.


Playing tracks by The Classiques, Prince Jazzbo, Burning Spear, Ben Bow, Barry Brown and more.


Daniel Catley

I’ve been listening to this consistently for 11 years! Everytime it just hits like the first day I discovered 🙏🏻✌🏻


Nice mixing

Emma Kitchin

Sexy music , thank you


Sitting by our private pool drinking smoking and a little dancing, thank you very much......

Bless N Mercy Sound


Eric Bookie Bassaragh

truly fantastic old time tune king kong record selection is cool

Eric Bookie Bassaragh

top sound you no how to play a sound system said sufferer

Adam So

The music is sweet like food

Liet Kynes

very nice! true old school songs and sound...

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