Turntable For One

United States

TURNTABLE FOR ONE is a weekly, two-hour show of the best in jazz vocals, featuring classic singers who don't ever need last names – Ella, Tony, Frank, Sarah, Carmen, Nina – along with younger singers who are bringing fresh voices to the Great American Songbook but do still require actual last names. Some favorites these days include Sinne Eeg, Rigmor Gustafsson, Mark Jennett, Kat Edmonson, Mark Winkler, Nicole Herzog, Lucy Dixon, and The Hot Sardines.

Each show is organized around a different, usually light-hearted theme as the host tries to walk the non-existent line between the ironic and the unforgivable. So one week it might be an hour of Face Down, Bottoms Up: A Musical Tribute to Drinking (call your sponsor), the next week, a musical game show, Who's Your Daddy, or maybe a musical tribute to the Low Self-Esteem. One week it was "Stalker Week," because I'll take every listener I can get regardless of their hobbies.