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Salzburg, Austria


No, I wouldn´t. Nor would I change my decision a couple of years ago to visit vintage furniture shop JETLAG for the first time and get to know Wolfgang. Thanks to mutual vinylicious interests, the idea to initiate a revamp of CLUB ANALOG was born. Originally CLUB ANALOG was held sporadically, but three years ago we officially opened doors for the first CLUB ANALOG with the sole intention to:

+ throw great parties
+ in order to build up some funk fodder in Salzburg, Austria
+ with like-minded people
+ who enjoy themselves
+ to some funky music
+ roughly every 6 weeks

CLUB ANALOG is for all hipsters, gangsters, posers, skin hitters, ivory tickerls and finger pickers. Established in 2009, CLUB ANALOG has entertained good people in a good venue with good music. For those who have not yet been our guests, expect this: a pinch of jazz, a bowl of soul and a big crate full of funk.