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York, United Kingdom

Fitzfunk aka Danny Fitzpatrick Has been lucky enough to witness the rise of Dance Music in the 80's it's Division and growth in the early 90's and the branching off and development of new genres and sub genres. Danny favors House Because this is where he cut his music teeth since he heard the track Where the Love Lives by Alison limerick all those years ago.
A keen Clubber for many years he always wanted some decks But they where a little out of his reach in the day a set of 1210's and a quality mixer cost the equivalent of half the price of a terrace house, but with the Dj world becoming more accessible with advancement in computing 2 years ago he managed 2 live his dream with a midi controller and a limited edition of traktor and has since built on his set up with additions of a cdj400 and a nextbeat x1000 so yes he can beat match.
He has now found his sound which is in the sub genre of electro house where his improvement has been vast thus far And he hopes will continue!