DJ Embryo

Prestwood, United Kingdom

A music lover and jungle / drum & bass DJ. First off I wanna say thanks to anyone who listens, follows or shares any of my mixes. It really is appreciated so big ups :)

Anyway some background info... I've been DJing for over 30 years now. I started just as the rave scene in the UK began to kick off & never looked back. Sometime around 2011 I finally bit the bullet & embraced the digital revolution. I came to realize that I was sick of having to constantly battle with my 2 sketchy old Technics just to keep the tunes in time & seeing as I reckon I've done my time, I'm fully auto-synced with Traktor Scratch Pro. It's much less stressful :) I do still like the occasional mixup session using vinyl but really that's just to keep my eye in ;) Anyway it's all about the music.
One luv, e