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Enrico Rosica

Rimini, Italy

I won't go as far as to say I am a professional DJ, but let's say I know a thing or two about music. I've always loved listening to it: my first CD was Prince's "Sign o' the Times", which I bought with my sister Cecilia. I had one of those CD 10s by Phillips, the first portable reader that came out. It weighed a ton, but it was very cool and somehow to this day still works! Since then I have listened to pretty much everything, staying as far away as possible from "club culture". When I was about seventeen I started spinning my first records, mostly rap. I had a huge basement where I started setting up house parties. One of the best times was Halloween '94, where I remember spinning my first half hour of vinyl. In time my tastes changed and I started getting into dance music. A few years ago I realized that I was not going to be a DJ when I grew up, but now I try and fit a gig here and there around my work schedule, taking every chance I can get to travel and spin a few records!