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Montreal, Canada

Born in Montreal, Canada, Yossi Ohana better known as DJ YO-C has become one of the most recognizable names in the game. Inspired by industry legends such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier and DJ AM, DJ YO-C has mastered the art of blending and mixing tracks.

Touring with GRAMMY® Award winning artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Usher and Miguel, DJ Yo-C also performs at countless Hollywood events for A-List celebrities such as Leo DiCaprio, Rob Pattinson and many others.

When not behind the turntables, DJ YO-C is an entrepreneur, businessman & advocate. In 2010 he founded Industry Events, an event production company, and is co-owner of Montreal based RAD Dog Shelter. He splits most of his time between Canada & the US as he is also co-owner of multiple restaurant franchises & invests in a plethora of real estate properties.