Manchester, United Kingdom

Never too old to learn or find courage to change 'Old Man Pablo' I’ve given myself permission to chase a dream to be a credible DJ in this life: 0% experience..


2022: It's a journey these mixes are my progression as I develop.

2022: Sets up Mixcloud account - uploads first ever recorded mix ( BOOM ) you'll understand ; )

2022: Music 'Rabbit Hole' journey of discovery and self awareness in terms of genres - possibly the hardest thing I've learnt - knowing what makes you individually expressive.

2022: Learning Rekordbox software / controller hardware.

2022: 12 months weekly tuition @ 'Make Me A DJ' in Ancoats Manchester -
with DJ / Producer Jack Brown from KUSP UK.

2021: Purchase DDJ 1000.

1999: Numark TT100's (still have them to this day).

1998: Influenced by what must have been some of the best Trance music ever made over the next few years.