Tim Nowka aka DJ Mighty

New York, United States

I was a club DJ from 1979 - 2008. My main residency was 22 years at the Panache Night Club inside the Buffalo Marriott which was arguably the most successful discotech ever lasting almost three decades before it's doors closed. I was 100% vinyl from 1979 to 1992 where I logged 25,000 hours on three Technique 1200's. I love all forms of music (except Country) and have mixed every style and genre of club beats over the years. Proud to be inducted into the Disco DJ / Legends Of Vinyl Hall Of Fame in early 2k. Now that I'm retired from the clubs I love being a bedroom DJ. I have been recording myself live in the mix for over 30 years and now I have an outlet to get them out to the world. Thanks Mixcloud

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