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DJ Activist

London, United Kingdom

DJ Activist, the name comes from Graffiti tagging from a young age which vastly developed to DJ names on Pirate Radio to conceal their identity.
After starting out at college in 1993 what was then the Hardcore/Jungle/ Drum and Bass over lap I fell in love with DJing sounds. (I was that guy recording the Hip Hop shows as a kid and making a mix tape with no breaks trying to beat match pausing and unpausing the Record button on the beat HA!)
After collecting Many Many Tape packs, Raving as a School, boy and collecting flyers, Vinyl collecting became my passion!
From the vinyl taking a huge sway towards UK/US House and Garage (H&G) in 1995 mainly due to the fact the House rooms where FULL of the opposite sex!!
I can remember thou the music suddenly took me!!
A track entitled Professional Widow by Armand Van Helden BLEW MY MIND!! Cementing me and my DJing route from that time onwards....
Pirate Radio became my life from listening to playing on multiple stations in London's South...