San Diego, United States

Five years ago, I discovered a new passion – DJing. It was the moment when I embarked on a musical journey, crafting playlists that spanned various genres, including the classics of the 70s, the vibrant tunes of the 80s, the nostalgia of the 90s, old-school beats, soulful R&B, the rhythm of Hip Hop, the electrifying world of House, the euphoria of EDM, and the edge of Trap.

Over time, I've had the privilege of sharing these eclectic mixes with a growing audience. The feedback has been heartwarming, as many have shared that my music selections take them on a captivating journey through different eras.

If you're curious and ready to experience this musical odyssey, I invite you to explore my website, Simply click on the "Mixes" tab to dive into the world of soundscape