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Staten Island, United States

My Goal – Turning Music Into Memories. I have been a professional DJ for more than 10 years with a specialty in Club / Dance music. I was trained at the prestigious Dubspot Academy in Manhattan, NY.
Dubspot is a premier music and DJ school which features a cutting-edge training center that has educated many world class DJs. I have an extensive collection of music consisting of every genre including Top 40, Club/Dance, Olides, Hip hop and Rock. Customized remixed and Mashups are also part of my music collection. If you want to have your guests always on the dance floor, I am your DJ.
Our Experience
The business had humble beginnings when founded in 2000. Since then we have enjoyed exceptional growth, earning a well-deserved reputation for providing unforgettable parties.

When looking for music and entertainment, we know you’re doing your research, as this aspect can make or break the experience. Simply put, we’re here to make sure you and your guests don’t want to sit down!