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David Asko

Lille, France

Contact : davy@weararave.fr


David has been playing his underground music around the world for over 20 years. He’s a hybrid artist from the rave generation and is passionate about music in every sense of the word.
David discovered electronic music when it first appeared in France and after a few years he got interested in synthetic music and its darkest side: hardcore. He soon bought his first vinyls and decks and started devoting all of his free time to his passion, while studying the art of French food and wine in Lyon.
Throughout the 90’s he organized a number of rave parties which Lyon and St Etienne party-goers will never forget.
The sets of this fine technician are a unique adventure, they’re a trip that takes you somewhere between deep bass acid techno. His latest ep on A-Traction records is being played by SLAM, Richie Haxtin, Carl Graig, and many more.