Bologna, Italy

Datura altera los hombres.
Da a ellos el sentido del poder fortificando sus corazones

DATURA started in 1991 by a Stefano Mazzavillani and Ciro Pagano’s idea. The name is borrowed from the plant mentioned in the book “The teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castaneda and in the italian comix “Tex Willer”. DATURA begin their sonic adventure involving important DJs in the Techno scene of the early 90ties and the collaboration continued until 1995. Over the years they published several hit singles and collaborated with many famous artists; they are considered among the god-fathers of Trance music. Since 2007 they became the "science communicators" of 90ties music through TV and radio shows, compilations and DJ sets. Now they are the stars of the project DATURA CLUB 90s, perfect synthesis between past, present and future. And the story continues…