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Berlin, Germany

Correspondant is the ongoing enterprise of Jennifer Cardini, established in 2011 in conjunction with renowned worldwide distributor, Kompakt Records. Cardini has built a reputation for sourcing on-the-pulse, progressive sound, having dedicated over two decades to electronic music. The producer, sound designer, and DJ launched Correspondant Music as an extension of her longtime residency by the same name at the preeminent Rex Club in Paris. To date, the Cologne-based label has issued 36 EPs and three compilations, featuring a loose collective of both emerging and established international artists. Correspondant also hosts regular nights in international clubs, including Rex Club in Paris, Nitsa Barcelona, Fabric in London, and Bootleg in Tel Aviv. The label has cultivated a simultaneously elegant and asymmetrical aesthetic profile, inspired by the downtempo, cinematic mixing of
Cardini’s warm-up sets at Rex.