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Leuven, Belgium

Leuven's house, techno & heartbeat since 1998.

Concepts come and go.., clubs open & get closed down again.., dj's joined & moved on..but one thing remained intact ever since it's launch in 1998. CLUB 106!!!

Four to the floor and straight from the hearth. Always at the cutting edge of what's happening with HOUSE & TECHNO today, but never forgetting about it's past.

Sending grooves into the air EVERY FRIDAY FROM 10.00 PM TILL 00.00 AM ON 106.00 FM.

The Michelin guide hasn't got enough stars to rate these dishes of funky flavoured synthlines, hot fried beats and greased-up bass served with both digital and analogue sauses by turntable cocineros Grava, Shplo, Spastik & Vingtrois.

Missed a show? No biggy..just join us on Mixcloud!

Peace, love & groove.
Club106 Crew