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Clay van Dijk

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inspired by the first mixing programs on the Dutch radio, Clement Van Dijk started mixing in the early 80’s. Being the music obsessive that he is, it didn’t take him very long to find a local club (Display) to showcase his skills. After doing so for a couple of years the promoters of Arnhems hottest dance club; Luxor, offered him a monthly residency at the Stargate party's. This gave Clay the opportunity to play alongside almost every well-known deejay in Holland, and in countries like, Mexico, Germany, England, Greece and others...
Let the joyful Deejay connect your souls on the dancefloor with his magical mix of progressive house, deep house and melodic techno music. Now in these days you can find him as a resident in the best underground club in Amsterdam... The Recycle Lounge Gallery Club, and in the famous hotspot Club NL. Here he is the organizer of the party's 'Connecting Souls' and 'HUG'. So if you’re in the mood for a party, let Clay take you on his musical journey!