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Dortmund, Germany

I founded the Championsound system in 1998 with a base in Dortmund.
Championsound system is not the best sound system in the world. But, the sound that the sound system spreads is my champion (favourite) reggae sound.
First of all, we played our first shows in the phonobar at that time.
In the meantime we were on the road for four and besides shows in Coconut and FZW, we organized many reggae parties ourselves.
For a long time, I was a regular participant, at the vinyl master table in the recorder, where I regularly gave all the styles of the reggae to the best. There was already a Saturday reggae show in the course of the ringbeats with Anbassen party form.
My style stands out from the usual sound systems!
In addition to the current hits and Riddims, I like to playreggae from the times
1960 to the present day.
There are tons of nice tunes that are usually no longer played.
With me already. I pack this either in Motto Parties:
Oldtime Favourites, Dancehall 80s, DUB, Roots, Tribute...!


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